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Travel Green

Mobiguides offers travelers and businesses a paper-free alternative to guide books, brochures and leaflets for popular tourist destinations across Canada. Each year millions of paper guides, maps and brochures are printed and distributed in travel destinations throughout the world. In most cases these paper products are used only once before being thrown away into non-recycling garbage bins. Being based in the Canadian Rockies, in close proximity to Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, we are particularly concerned about the harmful effect these paper guides are having on our natural environment. Our digital travel guides help save trees and aid in the reduction of waste in each place you visit. Mobiguides is proud to offer travelers and businesses a more sustainable way to search for and provide local information.

Very few businesses can operate without the use of paper products and Mobiguides is no exception. We do however strive to run our company as sustainably as possible and have put several green policies in place to ensure we're doing what we can to operate responsibly. Whenever possible we use paper that is made from post-consumer waste, and processed without chlorine. All of our office paper, files and envelopes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and we use vegetable-based inks whenever possible.

Digital devices do come with their own environmental issues. One of the most concerning issues is the amount of energy used when cell phones are over-charged. Did you know that charging your phone longer than necessary is one of the major environmental concerns surrounding the mobile industry? When we all leave our chargers plugged in for longer than necessary we waste millions of watts of energy. Luckily this is an environmental issue that we, the public, can take direct action against. Don't forget to unplug when your phone is fully charged!

On a positive note, new technology has merged numerous functions into the cell phone, meaning that less energy and raw materials are consumed by manufacturers. Convergence is a good thing from an environmental standpoint because you can now send e-mails, listen to music, take pictures, surf the internet, and now get your travel guides all on one device. Mobile phone manufacturers are taking environmental concerns seriously and are making rapid progress in improving the sustainability of their products.

By using your Mobiguide you will be helping the environment. Next time you are travelling in Canada, consider the difference you can make by choosing Mobiguides as your source of travel information.


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