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power of mobile advertising

Great reasons to go mobile with your advertising now!

Maximum Exposure

Free of charge, and accessible by anyone with a cell phone from anywhere in the world at anytime. In addition to being an invaluable guide for visitors while they are actually in their destination, Mobiguides are also used for planning prior to traveling, or while travelers are on the move, resulting in unprecedented exposure for your business.

Unlimited Updates

Update your mobile ad as often as you like, therefore communicating current information directly to your customers. Announce sales, daily menu specials, new products, special rates or packages - the possibilities are endless.

Used by Visitors From Near and Far

Mobiguides are equally used by visitors from across the globe or down the road. For example, visitors from Calgary to the Rockies can view the guide to Banff or Canmore on their cell phone, Blackberry, PDA, or iPhone and easily check the daily specials at their favorite restaurants, find out which shops are having sales, read up on current art exhibitions, or book a last minute hotel room. Travelers visiting from abroad can browse gift shops, book sightseeing tours and activities, discover local cuisine and much more.

Location, Location, Location

Our guides are found at premium web addresses such as, and Our exclusive dot Mobi addresses are specific to the mobile internet and are the most popular addresses for people to visit when searching for local information in any Mobiguides destination.
Learn more about dot Mobi here.

Fastest Growing Audience

Use of the mobile internet is growing at an unprecedented rate and it is set to overtake the PC as the main way people will access the internet in the near future. Given the popularity of cell phones, the potential number of Mobiguides users is greater than that of any other advertising medium.

Ultimate Convenience

Current, concise and relevant content. Always at your side, the ultimate in convenience. Mobiguides do not need to be purchased before traveling or picked up upon arrival at a destination. With just a few clicks, visitors are able to access their local Mobiguide whenever and from wherever they want on their own personal cell phone. This extreme convenience for the traveler increases your business's chance of being seen sooner.

One Click Away

With our "click to call" feature, customers are now only one click away from your business. No more dialing or remembering phone numbers, customers can now call your business with one simple click on your ad, resulting in easier and faster access to your products and services.


Increase your business and help the planet. By advertising in our paper-free guide your business can make a difference. At Mobiguides we are passionate about our environmentally friendly product and policies and are very proud to offer this greener form of advertising. Learn more >>>

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