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Viewing conventional websites on cell phones can be a frustrating, expensive and an unpredictable experience. To address this issue, in 2006 the new dot Mobi (.mobi) extension was created to be used specifically on cell phones and the mobile internet as an alternative to .com, .net, .ca etc. Dot Mobi is backed by the leading mobile device manufacturers and internet content providers such as Nokia, Google, Ericsson and Visa.

This new web address can only be used for websites which have been specifically designed, formatted, and optimized for use on cell phones and the mobile internet. Visiting a dot Mobi website such as:,, or ensures the user that the site is designed specifically for their cell phone. This means fast and inexpensive download time and written content which is concise and easy to read on the small screen.

Premium Addresses
Mobiguides uses premium dot Mobi addresses for all its destination travel guides resulting in user confidence and maximum site visitors.
For further information about Mobiguides' destinations and our premium dot Mobi addresses, click here.
For further information about the dot Mobi extension, click here.
An interesting collection of travel related dot Mobi websites can be seen here.

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