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power of mobile advertising

Great reasons to go mobile with your advertising now!

Maximum Exposure

Free of charge and accessible by anyone with a cell phone from anywhere in the world at anytime (at home, en route, at the destination). more>>>

Used By Visitors From Near and Far

Mobiguides are equally used by visitors from across the globe or down the road. more>>>

Fastest Growing Audience

Use of the mobile internet is growing at an unprecedented rate and it is set to overtake the PC as the main way people will access the internet in the near future. more>>>

One Click Away

With our "click to call" feature customers are now only one click away from your business. more>>>

Unlimited Updates

Update your mobile ad as often as you like. Announce special offers or sales, new products, special rates or packages - the possibilities are endless.

Location, Location, Location

Our guides are found at premium addresses such as, and These exclusive locations attract the largest number of visitors searching for Canadian destinations on the mobile internet.

Ultimate Convenience

Current, concise and relevant content. Mobiguides are free and already in your customer's hand. more>>>


Increase your business and help the planet. By advertising in our paper-free guide your business can make a difference. more>>>

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